Chicago – Monday, September 25

Global HR & Talent Mobility Leaders convene at

Wells Fargo Bank, 10 South Wacker Drive, 60606

Check-in at lobby near Wells Fargo Stagecoach, then go to Floor 14


8:30,  Check-in desk opens

… Coffee and meet/greet


9:30,  Moderator’s Welcome Remarks and Delegate Intros

Ed Cohen, Content Developer and Moderator

10 – 10:30,  Let’s think about…

Business Travel 

Long-term Assignments… and,  

Women on International Assignment

Cathy Heyne, Living Abroad – Managing Director

Michael Cadden, MBA, SGMS-T, Living Abroad-  Managing Director


10:30 – 10:55,

Compliance Today“A Perfect Storm” is approaching and we need to be prepared

Described by Dublin-based,

Mr Liam Brennan, Managing Director- GT Global Tracker

“While I have a vested interest – the tracking of mobile employees will become the biggest issue in Global Mobility in the coming years. Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) initiative from OECD will change concepts  of Permanent establishment.”

Geo-politics brings focus on Immigration compliance like never before; becoming a critical event for talent mobility managers. ‘Perfect Storm’ …makes it an imperative to track your globally mobile employees.”

11 – 12:15, Legal Keynote session

Global Talent: Winning the “battle”

How companies are recruiting and retaining top global talent and maintaining a globally mobile and diverse workforce at a time of unprecedented compliance and scrutiny of foreign workers


Michael Turansick, Partner,

Fragomen Worldwide

Session outline

1.  Introduction: Global Mobility Trends
2.  Key Global Immigration Policy Initiatives
o  U.S. Compliance Initiatives and Proposals
o  U.K and EU Immigration Post BREXIT
o  Australia, Canada, China(?), Qatar(?)
3.  Increased Immigration Compliance and Business Travelers
4.  Best Practice Recommendations
Michael F. Turansick   (Moderator)
Christian Dallman, Attorney, Fragomen

Garrett Pappas, Client Services Manager, Fragomen Global

Jennifer Splinter, Visa/Immigration (V&I), Grant Thornton LLP

Mia Huddleston, MBA, SPHR, CRP, Executive Director, Global Assignment & Relocation Services,
JP MorganChase & Co

Jennifer Shapiro, Executive Director & Assistant General Counsel,
JP MorganChase & Co

12:15 – 1,  WORKING LUNCH

1 – 1:25, lunch keynote,

NextGen Leadership Development for Individuals & Teams

Becky Thomas, CCP, BE GREATER Consulting

1:25 – 1:50, BREAK

1:50 – 2:40, afternoon keynote with audience participation

WHAT and HOW we are developing our talent internally

Manuel Cuevas-Trisán, Motorola Solutions

Corporate Vice President

Head of Human Resources, Employment Law , Data Protection


special focus on
  1. Creating familiarity and AWARENESS of talent for senior levels in org;
  2. Commitment of senior leadership to SHARE talent across functions / silos;
  3. Creating TALENT PROFILES;
  4. MOBILITY as STRATEGIC developmental lever, not a “stop gap” measure;
  5. Applying DATA ANALYSIS to all talent acquisition / management efforts.


2:40 – 3, BREAK  

3 – 3:25,

Training the globally mobile workforce: simple rules to max company investment

Elena Mosko: Founder & CEO, Globiana Inc

Johannes Klemeyer: President, Globiana Inc


Globiana helps the global workforce turn the time abroad into a time of growth.

3:30 –  4,  Regretfully, now is the time to think about…

Security of Employees…in office and mobile talent… Corporate Responsibility and Preparedness

John L. Makowski

Makowski Global Security Solutions, LLC is an International Risk Management, Loss Prevention and Security Consultancy.

4:30 – 6pm,  HAPPY HOURS  TALK SHOW…enjoy a glass, join the conversations

Global Business IQ

 Moderator: Ed Cohen- Conference Content Developer Broadcast Host of GlobalRadio Talkshow


Tech & HR & Mobile Talent: OXYMORON?

Paul Reiman, Commvault

Head of HR & Operations

Ann Ellis,

Founder & CEO


Diane Alexander, 

Elements Holdings Group & Subsidiaries

HR/Talent Management
Change Management
Organizational Development

Christopher Chalk, Siemens Corporation; Global Mobility Manager



Defining expert services to exceed C X …customer expectations

…dealing with multiple stakeholders

Maria Sweeney, Vice-President – Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

John Zilka, NRI Relocation , President




Vice President, Global Financial Services

Nevena Staresinic, Moderna Relocation

Dean Rischitelli, Weichert Workforce Mobility

Vice President of Business Development 


welcoming global delegates to WERC

US Tax Deduction for Continuing Professional Education:
A US income tax deduction is allowed for expenses of education including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging, undertaken to maintain or improve skills (Treasury Reg 1.1662-5; Coughlin v. Commissioner Internal Revenue, 203 F2d 307, 2d Circuit 1953)