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Dr. Nora Gold

Dr. Nora Gold   Writer; Publisher & Editor of literary journal Jewish Fiction .net.
Author of three books. Praised by Alice Munro. Winner of two Canadian Jewish Book/Literary Awards. Former professor of Social Work. Community activist. 

What makes our work sometimes go well (even carrying us smoothly into a “flow” state), yet at other times lead us nowhere, even ending in burnout?

This infographic illustrates some of the factors that make all the difference. In the first case, there is clear goal alignment; the tools to do the task; a good match for skills; the time and ability to focus; a say in how the work gets done; an additive effect to your skills and experience; and a belief that the work is important.

On the opposite trajectory, there are constant interruptions; organizational changes impacting demands and resources; unclear goals and expectations; technological problems; and a mismatch between the job demands and job resources.

Which of these factors are the ones that most significantly affect your work experience, and are there any missing from this list that you think should be added?