A conversation about ASSESSMENT with BARRY KOZLOFF, Co-Founder, Selection Research International

Selection Research International, Inc. (SRI)  (tel 314-721-4994)  specializes in evaluating employees and their families for international assignments and building global talent development systems.

In 1978 SRI conducted the original research on the factors responsible for failure in an international assignment.

For maximum effectiveness, assessing employees and their families for international assignment should be integrated into a larger global talent development system. SRI begins all new engagements with a one-day working session, structured to integrate SRI tools and processes into existing and planned talent management programs of the corporation.

SRI by design has kept its staff small, and pursues a “high touch” and tailored approach.


International Assessment (Face-to-Face)
The core of the assessment is a full day of in-depth conversations with the employee and spouse. These are informal and wide-ranging discussions structured to touch on the critical areas of an international assignment. Issues that first surfaced through the self-assessment exercise often arise and are addressed in these discussions. Formal psychological testing is conducted when needed, but is not a standard feature of the assessment.

International Assessment (Telephone)
A full day of face-to-face conversation yields the most complete and reliable assessment. However when time or resources do not make a full day evaluation possible, the assessment can be conducted by way of telephone interviews. The interviews are conducted separately for the employee and spouse, and are approximately two hours each in length.

  • Feedback to the Client
    SRI provides the client verbal feedback and a formal written report with information about employee job suitability and developmental areas, information about the spouse / partner’s internal resources for relocating and acculturating, and family factors and conditions.
  • Feedback to the Employee & Spouse
    SRI provides feedback to the individual on the issues involved in a potential international assignment. This feedback can be highly developmental and often forms the basis for helping the family prepare for the assignment.
  • Background Information Forms
    These are detailed information forms for the employee and spouse to complete individually. They are the starting point for identifying critical issues and form the basis for subsequent interviews.
  • International Self-Assessment Exercise
    This is a self-assessment tool available for on-line administration. It asks the individual and spouse to answer a series of questions independently of one another. They then are encouraged to discuss their results with each other. This provides a realistic preview of issues involved in an international move and gives the family a framework for opening a discussion on personal expectations and familial issues involved in moving to another country. Results are confidential to the individual and spouse.
  • Supervisor International Evaluation Questionnaire
    Supervisors have a wealth of information relevant to an employee’s suitability for international assignment. The questionnaire helps the supervisor to identify job behaviors relevant to an international assignment. The report typically goes to Human Resources.

Executive & High Potential Coaching
On occasion managers and executives can benefit from individual coaching. It is especially helpful on first-time international assignments or when executives face difficult assignments. Coaching focuses on specific business and personal objectives. It is typically limited to six months.

Relocation & Repatriation Counseling – Continuity of Care
SRI counsels employees and spouses at strategic points during the course of their international assignments (pre-departure through repatriation). A reality check, issues are identified, options and resources discussed, and HR informed of areas requiring special assistance. Repatriation Counseling helps expats to bridge their transitions “home” or on to their next assignment.

  • International Repatriation Exercise
    Like the International Self-Assessment Exercise, the tool is self-administered by the employee and spouse to identify the critical areas affecting their repatriation for decisions and planning.


Kozloff co-founded Selection Research International, Inc. (SRI) with Edmund Gaydos, PhD. in 1978 conducting the original research on the personal factors and family conditions predicting international failure and success.

The past 30 years Kozloff’s work has focused on the screening of international candidates, designing global leadership development systems, and developing international assessment tools for major corporations worldwide.

Kozloff and the SRI team are recognized by corporations as the industry standard in global selection technology. He is a featured speaker at international conferences and author of many articles on global leadership identification and development, and the expatriate selection and assignment management.

President of Selection Research International, Inc. in St. Louis, MO, he has also held positions: Human Resources Director, KBA, top 500 architectural firm, Senior Human Resource Representative -expatriate assessment- McDonnell-Douglas Saudi Arabia, Senior Management Training & Development Specialist AT&T, Business Development Manager Mericom -Teheran, Iran, Special Assistant to the President of Emerson Electric Aerospace, and Executive Director of PYC -family counseling center- Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.

Master’s degree (M.Dv), care and counseling,

BA anthropology

(doctoral candidate) Washington University in St. Louis.