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Hi Ed,

I will do a brief intro for each of them and here are questions they have supplied that we can discuss:

[TO MELISSA] Melissa, you are a successful entrepreneur, creative, and leader. And you are now working on a new entrepreneurial venture. Tell me more about Lifelines and why you decided to start a new company after more than 30 years of making toys.

[TO LAUREN] Lauren, why did you decide to join Lifelines? As a successful CHRO and people leader for over 25 years, what is most exciting to you about this venture?

[MELISSA] Melissa, in your book Lifelines you talk about well-being as a practice. What is a well-being practice and why do we all need one?

[LAUREN] Lifelines How does Lifelines support organizations?

[MELISSA] You are also launching a line of physical products. Can you talk more about them?

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