Angie Weinberger

Why it is important that you find

your Purpose in Life!

Starting a business (and keeping it running) is hard work. I mean, hard!

But it is all worth the time, money, and effort invested in the end for those who have a passion, a plan, and a reliable support system.

It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride, though.

Between the rewarding highs of seeing the spark of interest in a student’s eyes or the genuinely thankful client, you were able to help.

Then, there are the lows of the stress and responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur, and you might wonder if you did the right thing by making changes or if you are going to make it.

But the freedom to focus your energy on what you have most at heart allows you to grow, live for your purpose, and live from it, too!

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12 OCT: The Global Rockstar Album – 21 Verses to Find Your Tact as an Inclusive Leader

  • Why is inclusive leadership so important right now?

  • How does Expat Coaching contribute to psychological safety and mental well-being for Expats and their families?

  • What is the connection between this book and the expat experience?

  • How do you bring back the Human Touch?

  • What is the Holy Grail of Global Mobility?


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The Global Rockstar Album – 21 Verses to Find Your Tact as an Inclusive Leader is a self-help book for managers who want to bring purpose, performance, and productivity to their work while becoming more inclusive servant leaders. The workplace and what it means to be a leader have changed tremendously in the last few decades. Whether you are a manager or an entrepreneur or work in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Leadership Development, Recruiting, or Global Mobility, this book is precisely what you need to explore What it means to be a good leader in today’s world and how to grow in meaningful and purposeful directions.

The Global Rockstar Album will also be helpful if you are a coach, consultant, or leadership trainer. In it, you will find many ideas, tools, and methods to develop competencies, and leadership skills, make your professional life more accessible, and enrich your personal life. In this book, Angie Weinberger condensed all the knowledge she acquired through years of experience with professionals and her own experience as a leader in her field. Among her wealth of wisdom in this book are some of her best tips to support your leadership path.

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