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Once merely a subset of HR but now its own critical department in most organizations, Global Mobility is currently undergoing a global transformation.

New technologies, the constant evolution of companies, generational diversity and political situations have evolved the roles and lives of mobile professionals faster than existing policies can keep up, calling for a clear focus on the processes to be updated to cater better for the people driving Global Mobility.

Are you as a Global Mobility Professional feeling overwhelmed by the speed and scope of this ‘boom’? Perhaps you need to introduce yourself to the field and get a better, broader overview of Global Mobility. Maybe you are in HR or a line manager and want to ensure that you are becoming an employer of choice for younger generations demanding Global Mobility as a prerequisite for working with you. Or, you are just on the brink of deciding for or against an international assignment as an expat or expat family and want to understand the language we use better.

Let us help you!

How we will help you?

Working with Angie Weinberger will enable you to:

run your Global Mobility in a more strategic way by deeper understanding trends and drivers of Global Mobility,

develop and sort out your legal framework, policies, guidelines, exception management,

give you models for improving how you explain what we do to the outside world,

support expats and their spouses and enhance their “Expat Experience” through training, coaching and deeper understanding of the psychological effects of cultural adjustment,

develop your professional profile and “Global Competency”.

In order to make the expat experience worthwhile for their careers and support for their families even better, it takes people who want more than ticking off a checklist. It takes dedicated professionals and it needs personal communication with the entire expat family.

We want to bring the human touch back into our process-driven work. That is just the tip of what Global Mobility truly is, provides not only a baseline starting point to understanding the field but is a hands-on manual for people in HR, line managers, expats and their spouses.