Imagine an opening up of a wonderful world of possibilities simply by discovering the joys of asking. Endless opportunities gently await your arrival. Each of them happy to open the doors of the future, regardless of which path you choose to float down.

The audacious ask, is about leaning into the unknown, the unexpected. Its about building up the courage to ask for things, for someone’s time, for someone’s story; their wisdom. It is about giving, not just taking. It is about sharing. It’s about asking questions, its about listening and feeling the answers. Most of all, it is less about making connections and more about connecting.

In this deep but easy to read book, Dr. Andrew Woods and Business Instructor Tory Wiwchar dive into the minds of 8 entrepreneurs who offer up inspirational advice for anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their lives. Through their success and failures, each person highlights the importance of asking and also shares different insights into their own business journeys.

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