72% of Employers Expect Senior Professionals to Have International ExperienceMore professionals seek to add international experience to their CVs

More professionals seek to add international experience to their CVs
LONDON, April 19, 2012 – –
According to a recent research survey, 72% of respondents said their employers viewed international experience as important or very important (63% last year). More professionals seek to add international experience to their CVs, and in an ever wider variety of locations.

The research was commissioned by global specialist recruiters, Hydrogen Group. 94% of 2012 respondents are considering relocating or have already done so, recognising international experience as a key factor in career success.

The research report highlighted the continued importance of recruiters with 37% of respondents working abroad finding their role through recruiters. Tim Smeaton, CEO, Hydrogen Group commented “Candidates recognise that recruitment specialists provide them with access to the global organisations of their choice.”

The survey also found that this international migration of professionals is spread more widely than ever before. Dan Church, Client Services Director at Hydrogen, says: “Five years ago this might have been New York, London and Hong Kong; now it is also the likes of Shanghai, Houston, and Vietnam.”

Other key findings include:

– overseas work is no longer just for the young. 45% of respondents working abroad were aged over 40

– 36% of women already abroad are aged 21 to 30 compared to 17% of men. However only 19% of women are over 40, compared to nearly 50% of men

– people are staying longer than they expected to: respondents said they expect to stay overseas for up to five years, however a sizeable 45% of respondents have already been overseas for more than five years and 50% plan to apply for permanent residency.