4 DEC 11am New York

Robert Maisel

Live true to your values and the rest will follow

Rob is writing a book about travel’s amazing ability to transform us. He is inviting people to become a part of his book writing journey! You can join the journey to receive weekly updates on the progress of the book here:


Rob received both his Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and his Master of Business Administration from The University at Albany.

He is an optimistic, energetic, and inspirational individual who encourages others to succeed by motivating those around him to pursue their passions and dreams!

He speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and is conversational in Mandarin Chinese.

He has visited 50 countries, 38 states, and 6 continents.

He has completed extended trips around USA, South America, Europe, Asia + an Around-The-World Trip!

Rob is a certified cross-cultural trainer who is dedicated to sharing his knowledge to improve the lives of others.  He fuses his multilingual and intercultural skills with his corporate and travel experiences to deliver cross-cultural training and consulting solutions to organizations, global teams, and individuals worldwide.

He is also a travel coach, helping people identify the deeper meaning behind their trips.  He helps them set and achieve goals, and holds them accountable to implementing the changes made and strategies developed on their trips into their daily lives.

 Rob worked in Japan for several years teaching English with Berlitz; and, worked with organizations such as Bloomberg and Dwellworks.

Appearance on GlobalTV Talkshow Network