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 be a Global Voice 4Change

Global talent living / working in so many different places; learn how to do GLOBAL PAY.

How should today’s leaders track the impact of their decisions?

Health and WELL-BEING in the workplaces… absolutely key!

Using SOCIAL MEDIA during a crisis. Got a new idea?

I will be asking the thought-leaders to talk-about-it? What say you?

What’s the role of


 and  E Q ?


has a lot to say about this 

BLUE OCEAN is a strategic planning methodology that enables you to increase innovation and profitability by identifying

1) new markets

2) customers

3) products and services

… it’s a marketing strategy; “product innovations” so cool, scale fast, no competition, big profits.

EQ Emotional intelligence;   Understand your emotions, use/manage emotions in positive ways, relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and work to defuse conflict.




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David Edick Jr

San Diego World Affairs Council

De-russification of Europe’s natural gas supply – built on a deep relationship built over 2 generations – will be an immense challenge. The politically-expedited process will also produce unanticipated consequences with worldwide implications.

My experience includes strategic analysis, political risk analysis, investment banking, business development, supply chain management, drug development, international food trade, international relations, government relations, and organizational leadership at startups and turnarounds – in the commercial and nonprofit worlds. My fields of interest include energy, oil & gas, Russia, commodities, portfolio & direct investment, water, earth sciences, geopolitics, and homeland security.

I have lived and worked abroad, and have extensive experience in Russia and Mexico.

Philip Berry

New York

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“LEADERS MUST RE-IMAGINE THEMSELVES AS LEADERS; Leaders must rethink and reset priorities… ”

Mirela Marin



Human Resources Leader

Inspiring teams around a common vision of success and excellence


Connecting the world through games

ABOUT:  Proud of a progressive career with a wide range of mission-critical initiatives within market-leading organizations. Envisioning and spearheading leading-edge, global HR strategies by capitalizing on a strong business acumen and deep understanding of the big picture. Partnering with decision makers, vendors to align activities with corporate mission, while ensuring ongoing adherence to all regulations, policies, procedures.  

Dave LevineGlobal Care Experts LLC logo

MinneapolisProfile photo of Dave Levine

 Global Care Experts (click it)  serves organizations with evidence-based assessments and valuable data, as well as responsive access to local care around the globe, netting the results our customers desire.

Maryann Hrichak, MA

San Francisco.

   Strategic Global & US Immigration Practitioner; “Human Hyperlink”; Certified Cultural Mentor; Published Author & Editor

Barbara Boldt


Executive Coach helping Executives/Directors whose first language is not English develop the leadership communication skills they need to be effective in their roles; Keynote Speaker

bb@boldtglobal.com  810.877.2818

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Bindu Menon

Mumbai India


Profile photo of Bindu Menon

Empowering global organisations and relocating expats to succeed in doing business with India.

“When Edwin B Cohen invited me to be a speaker on his talk show on Tuesday, March 8 to celebrate the International Women’s Day, around the subject of gender bias, I smiled and agreed. I smiled because India is all about #genderbias. It is in-your-face in your everyday lives, in every state, every city, town and village in my country. I am not going to shy away from this truth.  But the most amazing thing about India is that we are always changing. We are always evolving. We are always achieving. India is in a significant phase of transition which is evident in every aspect of life – from education, to career, to technology, infrastructure, travel, media, innovation, fitness, sports, social life and much more. This has spurred a revolution of sorts in the country, breaking down barriers, breaking biases and moving towards transformation at an unimaginable speed and magnitude that is making the world look at us with a lot of interest.  Allow me to share simple insights from real life, about the change I see, about the dynamic shift in mindsets, the impact it has on the society and most importantly on the women in my country.”

Emily Bron 


Emily Bron, Owner and Advisor, International Lifestyle Consulting



1.   I‘m  EMILY BRON

2.  How I Define International Lifestyle?


3.   Relocations trends, starting from the  a.  Retirement abroad

“International Lifestyle Consulting is helping to find the best matching destination, create a personal plan and customized solution for the best place for life, work and retirement abroad.
 Emily Bron seamlessly transitions you to live your life overseas.
Where? Several examples are Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and many more countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia. 
Emily Bron is an Advisor of the Hexedes Global Relocation company (UK), representing Toronto Canada and connected with a developed network of around 60 professional Advisors in many countries of the world.  

Mike Hibberd

Founder & CEO

Global Expat Pay


Profile photo of Mike Hibberd

Making Global Mobility data and payments simple.

Global Expat Pay



GLOBALTVtalkshow.com GLOBALBusinessnews.net link to our youtubechannel; 400+ broadcasts have been produced, exhibited, distributed since launch Spring 2020 as a result of pandemic “crashing” our “live” conference business (24 years of activity…300+ live events developed, produced, financed, distributed).

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