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we discuss


from a relo perspective, from the view of the covid and w-f-h syndrome … or from a ‘personal change’.

We discuss How to fix it; How to think better about it.”

It happens Thursday, OCT 22 at 12noon NY, 9am cappuccino California, 5pm HH London, 1800 CET/Paris-Brussels-Ams-Bonn-Warsaw-CapeTown-Rwanda, and 1900 Dubai.

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Lynn Greenberg

Founder & CEO of Pivt Enterprise | Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

New York City Metro

Lynn is the founder and CEO of Pivt. Their service helps improve the well being of relocated employees and their families. They support people through the whole relocation process, from considering a new opportunity, planning the move, to acclimating to the new city, all grounded in the power of networks and social support.

Lynn Greenberg

Lindy Chapman

Lindy Chapman

I’m a 10x+ relocation client/Expat on a mission to help the Relocation and Real Estate Industries see things from the relocation client’s perspective in order to ensure that not only the cost of services provided match the services received but also are those needed to ensure a successful transition.

I love making connections to essential resources and providing “insider information” as a client-turned-Realtor so companies, individuals and lump sum clients can strategically navigate the challenges, including the evolving real estate industry, and make the essential connections necessary to find ‘Home’ in a new city.

Lindy Chapman  214.676.5675