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This program is designed to help you/your brand with PUBLIC RELATIONS and assist you COMMUNICATING better.

Come talk about “you” and how the pandemic has “changed” you or your situation, or your “product” to better fit the “new realities” we all are facing today as we go forward into 2022.

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Ed Cohen

Program Developer, Broadcast Host, Moderator

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Continuous training of your employees, especially in the “soft skills” areas of teamwork, collaboration and working across boundaries, is the key to scaling every part of your business. – Steven Howard

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Barbara Boldt

Executive Communication Skills

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Sandrine Bardot

United Arab Emirates

Multiple award-winning Total Rewards expert for Middle East and Asia – C&B consultant, trainer, speaker – compensationinsider.com

David Edick Jr

San Diego

World Affairs Council

My background and my passion for productive human connection drives me to build bridges to opportunity. My goal is to facilitate profitable development and education through mutual understanding. I help leaders, investors and stakeholders understand the world around them – empowering individuals through knowledge and shared multi-dimensional reasoning.

My experience includes strategic analysis, political risk analysis, investment banking, business development, supply chain management, drug development, international food trade, international relations, government relations, and organizational leadership at startups and turnarounds – in the commercial and nonprofit worlds.

My fields of interest include energy, oil & gas, Russia, commodities, portfolio & direct investment, water, earth sciences, geopolitics, and homeland security.

I have lived and worked abroad, and have extensive experience in Russia and Mexico.


Markus Demuth GMS-T


Profile photo of Markus Demuth, GMS-T

People. Trust. Empowerment. Development.

Markus Demuth, GMS-T



“NextGen Leader”

Ambala, Haryana, India

Profile photo of G A U R A N G - The Next Generation Leader

G A U R A N G - The Next Generation Leader

Trendsetter / Visionary / Global Thought Leader / Youth Icon / Personal Development Maestro  

GAURANG MOVEMENT – An International Personal Development Movement!


Barbara  Boldt




Barbara Boldt

I have lived in foreign countries and been a non-native speaker of a language I had to communicate in every day.

have personally experienced that sinking feeling at the end of a presentation or conversation, knowing that I didn’t get through to my audience.

Effective communication is a combination of language and culture. 

Successful communications require developing an alternative communication style that works with the language you are speaking. 

In global business that language is usually English.  

I have been privileged to teach and coach hundreds of global managers from more than thirty-five countries how to deliver professional presentations.

As a result of all that listening, I developed the ability to hear what is not clear and what’s not being said.

Whether it’s incorrect grammar, inaccurate vocabulary, or scrambled message structure, I know what will make your message clear. 

Mark Naidicz

Kenosha Wisconsin

Driving success though Mission, People, and Culture


Marquette University

Senior Advisor | Independent Board Director | Executive Search Partner | Coach and Mentor | Foundation President

Patina Nation

Maria Kouri


Profile photo of Maria Kouri

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Rohit Kumar


Managing Director and Co Owner – Mobility Business at IKAN Relocation Services India Pvt Ltd

Anthony Cristaudo CRP- SVP


Profile photo of Anthony Cristaudo, CRP

Ruoff Mortgage Logo

Accountability, Integrity & The Passion for Delivering a WORLD CLASS Customer Experience!

Mark Colo

Southern California

coFounder, Director


Here’s Mark introducing me to MARK HANSEN, co-author of the famous CHICKEN SOUP books and products … delightful talkshow… tune-in

Maryann Hrichak MA

San Francisco 

Profile photo of Maryann Hrichak, MA

Immigration & Mobility PractitionerMaryann Hrichak, MA
“Human Hyperlink”; TechWomen Impact Coach & Certified Cultural Mentor; Published Author & Editor; Life-long learner

Reena Bhatia


Profile photo of Reena Bhatia

Global Mobility, Global Recruitment,

Payroll, Tax, Compensation, Total Rewards,

Global Workforce Talent Brokering

Yvonne Quahe


Quick note from Global Mobility Book Club  Sandra Corona  

Hi everyone, if you don’t know Yvonne, she works at the World Bank and has an extensive experience in relocations and global life.

The experiences shared in her book will be a treasure for anyone wishing to support a global corporation, entity, families abroad, pre-expatriation and repatriation.

As a current expat in the Middle East, life might seem glamorous and great from the outside but the motions of the experience and the process from start to finish can leave a feeling of not belonging both at home and host.

It’s the same feeling as grief.

If grief is a hard thing to talk about for you or experience, Yvonne will reframe it beautifully for you from a corporate meaningful perspective.

~ Global_ID_Doula Sandra Corona


What’s the book about ?

Why did you write it?

Who is the book for?

Where can I buy it?

How can people connect with you?

Dino Isernia

Naples, Italy


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Steven Howard

Mexico City

Author 21 books on Leadership. Mentoring Good Managers Into Great Leaders | Expert Global Leadership Skills Development, Education | Leadership and New Manager Coach| Leadership Wellbeing | Author of 21 Books | Book Coach


Rob Pianka


Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Profile photo of Robert Pianka

Transcultural Specialist

Founder, Global Agility Services 

Getting along with the 5,000+ cultures of global diversity.

Join me.

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Due to Globalization stakeholders in our lives can come at any moment from any of over 5,000 cultures.

If your Cultural-Competence or Diversity training is based on any other assumption, it is obsolete. We founded Global Agility Services LLC in 2017 to nationally commercialize Covalence Conditioning™, an innovation that is effective because it fits in the world *as it is*.

In 2021 we added Global DISC to offer follow-on training in cultural fluency. Our formula for success in a globalized/globalizing world:

(Hard &/or Creative Skills) + (Emotional Intelligence) + (Global Agility X Global DISC)


Did you know?
6249 audience pageviews DEC 25 thru JAN 23 on the GLOBAL-TVtalkshows™, reports GoogleAnalytics today. They say this represents an increase by 21% over the previous 30 days.

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends…

These audience numbers are an all-time high for the 451 productions (to date) produced/distributed by GLOBALBUSINESSnews.net since we launched Spring’20.

A good part of the strength has come from the interest shown and participation in our various series, especially GLOBAL VOICES 4 CHANGE™. Upcoming on FEB 1st starting 3pm London will be #8 in that series of global teleconferences bringing people together to meet, exchange ideas and network… virtually. We thrive from the experience of seeing people enter our “Global Meeting Room” as strangers but leave as friends.

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