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HR & M&A executive focused on driving profit by creating direct, vulnerable, inclusive cultures focused on results.

I coach teams to improve their economic thinking, customer focus, and internal communications so teams have the right approach and prioritization to achieve the goals that are most critical to the company.

Experience in all components of Mergers and Acquisitions Integration from leading a global IMO.

15 years in training, leadership development, and executive coaching

HR experience across COEs, managing teams, and processes for performance management, workforce planning, global mobility, talent acquisition, leadership development, executive coaching, succession planning, talent management, global benefits, HR service centers, union relations, payroll, compliance, workers compensation, and more.

Expertise in leadership development, executive coaching, performance management, org design, workforce planning, and strategy. Previously Koch Industries and Spirit Aerosystems.

Shayla King 
Chief People & Culture Officer @ Winc
Executive Coach 

“Successful people aren’t perfect, they are persistent.” – Shayla King

Quoting myself from a conversation this morning with my daughter after she was disappointed with one grade on one assignment. As adults we also do that sometimes too. We get disappointed, call it a failure, and then question our belief in the goal and even ourselves.

That’s so silly friends.

No one who is successful at what you want to do is doing it by being perfect or naturally gifted.

They are doing it by doing it.

They keep going and don’t change their belief that of course the goal is going to be accomplished.
It’s belief plus action.

And master level is belief, reflection on things that didn’t work, adjustments, and quickly back to action.

Don’t give up on your dreams because you got a bad grade on one assignment.

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