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Defining ROI: 

Virtual Assignments

“Real” Assignments

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Hi Ed –

You posed the question on whether Virtual Assignments (VA) have an obvious better ROI (than ‘real’ assignments).

1. Obviously the relocation expenses are removed and this can be substantial. These costs savings should be obvious.

2. There may be less than obvious new costs like outfitting a home office with new furnishings and a higher level of security.

3. But the  biggest unknown is the effectiveness of the role.
It seems obvious a virtual assignment may not get the same results as someone who is on the ground.
…But how much less?
…Does working across 5-10 time zones have a negative impact?
…How disruptive might this be to a VA’s family situation?

We may be in a situation where the border is temporally closed so the assignment can begin, virtually.
So this is a good way to get started’
All these things need to be weighed before it can be said with certainly that Virtual Assignments have a better ROI.

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