Have you ever dreamt of starting your own business so that you can travel the world?

Who hasn’t?

Think about it for a second.

Imagine that you can start your own business, ✓ follow your passion, and ✓ work from anywhere in the world.

  • Would you be able to create a successful career or business around your passion?
  • Would your office be a tropical beach, tent in the woods, 5-star resort, or an RV?
  • Would you work a 9-5 schedule, 3 days a week, or 2 hours a day?

There isn’t one right answer.

There isn’t one path that you have to follow. 

And that is what this book is all about.

In Nomads: Adventurous Businesswomen who are Changing the World while Traveling,

you will read inspiring chapters written by 16 diverse, seasoned, female travelers.

You will find women from different nationalities, 

races, backgrounds, industries, religions, and ages.

They are successful:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Influencers
  • Educators
  • Volunteers

Each author has managed to create a lifestyle where she can have it all. One where she can work how and when she chooses. One where she calls all the shots. One where travel is the rule, and not the exception.

The authors in this book have been traveling long before the phrase digital nomad even existed.

They began their journeys years before COVID and remote work became the norm.

Now, they are sharing their stories to help inspire other women and girls who are looking for something more in their lives.

In Nomads: Adventurous Businesswomen who are Changing the World while Traveling, you will read about:

  1. A Panamanian-born immigrant who started her own travel agency after a life-changing visit home to visit her father after years apart.
  2. An independent, expert, female business traveler who is challenging the ideas surrounding business travel and safety as a solo female traveler.
  3. A single mother who found her confidence, and a new career path helping others move abroad, when she hit the road to travel with her infant daughter.
  4. An El Salvador-born wanderluster that found her purpose while raising two world children and jumping between continents.
  5. A calculated risk-taker who paid for her college education with her poker winnings, determined to create a successful life for herself after watching her parents sacrifice everything to immigrate to the U.S.

And 11 more unique chapters that will change the way that you view remote work and business travel.

Are you ready to be inspired?

Click the BUY NOW button, and you can begin reading right away!


Priyamvada is Head,

Global Partnerships

Helma International


She is an avid traveller. Having completed her Master’s in Travel & Tourism, and worked in travel-related industries, she now heads the Global Partnership department at a Global Mobility firm. She specialises in helping assignees navigate cross-border immigration and employment challenges.

As part of her job, she collaborates extensively with people from various backgrounds, and has a keen interest in cultural diversity. She also runs cross-cultural sensitization programmes and workshops for expatriates.

Born to Bengali parents from the East of India, she spent most of her formative years in Pondicherry, swapping between cultural identities.

She lives for travel, her family including two adorable cats, making meaningful connections, and decrypting the happiness code

Stuti  Dhandhania 

Stuti grew up in Pondicherry, India; a town full of French influence. She moved to the US when she was 30.

Stuti is an Organization Design Consultant and diversity and inclusion advocate. At Blue Peridot, she uses the creative process of Design Thinking to help high growth organizations create thriving cultures for employers and employees. She is the Los Angeles organizer for DisruptHR and HR Hackathon – events that help the HR community constantly challenge status quo.

Stuti’s first love is travel. She loves to explore different corners of the world, its natural beauty, its different cultures. There is no part of the world that does not make her curious. She finds that different places give her different perspectives in life.

During the pandemic, Stuti decided to take her passion for travel to entertain first graders – and help them become more curious about the world. Traveling Tuktuk, an imaginary vacation session designed for kids, is her latest passion project. It allowed her to explore the world through a different lens.

Contact Stuti: https://linktr.ee/stutidhandhania

Author: Suzanne Daniels

Suzanne Daniels is a South African lawyer who now lives in Los Angeles, California.  She has owned multiple businesses and currently runs a business consultancy where she has many international clients and applies her expert knowledge and industry experience to solve their company issues.  A graduate of the University of Cape Town, Suzanne began her career as an attorney in South Africa. A career spanning over 15 years, she has served in various roles within the legal profession as a law partner, compliance officer, corporate secretary, Board Advisor, and General Counsel.

Suzanne is one of the authors in a multi-author biographical book called Nomad CEOs, featuring stories of CEOs who run their businesses from all over the world. The book will be available on Amazon from 13th August.

Suzanne is also a single mother of a special needs child. Despite her daughter, Emma being born blind, she ensured that her disability would not get into the way of her daughter’s dreams. And because of that, Emma graduated summa cum laude from the New York Film Academy with a degree in Acting for Film and is starting up her acting career.

When she’s not busy assisting her daughter with her acting career, Suzanne enjoys reading, cooking, and exploring her new home state

Carol Martindale is a mother, wife, entrepreneur and citizen of the world. She runs the U.S. division of the global tech company, Leadfeeder, and works with nonprofits in her spare time. She previously co-founded a social good venture called GreatPositive, where she helped nonprofits fundraise through tech.

Before having young kids, you’d find her jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet in the air, hang gliding off a mountain in Brazil, or camping in the Sahara desert. She has traveled to 33 countries and looks forward to showing the world to her children! She loves trying new food, a friendly poker game, and a nice smooth glass of scotch.

Carol also takes great pride in paying it forward and being a mentor, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like some perspective or advice!

Connect with her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolluong

Erica HyoWon Jang is a professional violinist, a nonprofit CEO, an international consultant at string instrument businesses, and an educator. Currently, she is pursuing her second master’s degree at Harvard University, Graduate School of Education.

As a CEO of a nonprofit organization [OneUs International], she endeavors to provide opportunities to experience cultural education focused on arts and music for underserved children. At Harvard, she explores creative learning designs while specializing in leadership, entrepreneurship, education policy, implementation in technology.

Erica won numerous international competitions and awards, formerly taught musicians as an adjunct professor, and served as a concertmaster in orchestras in several countries.

With a background in classical music, international relations, book translations, public relations, and cultural diplomacy, she has lived in South Korea, UK, the USA, France, Belgium, and Norway. She possesses various certificates, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Music Psychotherapist, Coding Instructor, and Meditation Master.

Currently based in France, Erica advises musical instrument businesses and plays her role as an artist in residence while teaching music, studying education, and leading nonprofit projects.

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