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Experienced Independent Law Professional 

Human Rights, Regulatory Compliance, Contracts & Migration Law

Africa – CBI & RBI


I have a strong educational and global professional background, which has allowed me the privilege of working for over 13 years in various public and private Law sectors, including Public Policy, Advocacy, Human Rights, Immigration, Contract, and Compliance Law.

I am currently an Independent Law Advisor enlightening global partners and individuals in the competency areas of Contracts, Compliance & Migration Law.

I am an advocate for Law Empowerment, as I believe that everyone should be encouraged to actively participate in the legal process that will significantly impact their lives.

I seek to inspire them to utilize that knowledge acquired to assert their own rights and represent their own best interests.

I will bring the law

to light for you !!!

#Encourage, Enlighten, Empower !!!

Lynn Mackenzie, J.D., LLM

Broadcast Host


CONTACT (+1) 619.787.3100

AUDIENCE   110,000 pageviews  since startup of GLOBALTVtalkshow™ 2020 April thru 2021 July 4th.   DISTRIBUTION 100+ countries; 70% US, Canada, LatAm; 20% Europe; 9% AsiaPac; 1% MEA.  BROADCAST HISTORY   since the 2003 startup: 1.2 million pageviews.

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