Horst Gallo
(He/Him) • 1stSenior international HR Executive with a passion for learning and transformation1 hour ago

I am just back from a 2 weeks trip to our locations in India and I had a lot of time to reflect on this on the way back. Until now I had only spent time in Bangalore and now I was very fortunate to travel to Mumbai, Pune, Kochi, Coimbatore, Chennai and Hyderabad to experience India a bit more and get to know the teams there. I learnt so much about the rich history, culture, traditions, the regular way of life and how people see food as a way of expression. The vibrant colors and buzz in the streets are only topped by the passion and dedication that people show every day in all they do. I can’t thank everyone in the team enough for spending time with me and help me learn every day. We talked a lot about the “Glocal” culture we want to emphasize in Orion Innovation and the last weeks have clearly shown me the benefits this brings. Being a global company sometimes makes us try to streamline and harmonize but, everyday more, I see that the real strategic advantage to innovation lies in embracing differences. I am looking forward to returning to India very soon.
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