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Long-time in the business of advertising, Public Relations consulting services,

media/channel ownership; publishing/program creation & development,


I relocated from Boston to LA during 1980 and began publishing/distributing the


…a series of Professional Recruitment / Relocation Guides

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JAN 1, 2020 – NOV 16, 2022 


audience visits/pageviews into 100+ countries;


Oct 18, 2022 – Nov 16

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JAN 2015  thru  NOV 10, 2022  +

   533,260 audience visits/pageviews

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(combined) 2022 year-to-date; 

70%  US + Canada + LatAm

20%  Europe

9%  APAC

1%  ME + Africa


#1 “live” conference (education sessions and networking and sponsor tables) was produced at L A  Chamber of Commerce in October 198;  100+ attended including HR Heads and Relocation Managers, real estate and housing, banking, HHG, and counseling services.


#1 event outside USA was produced in London NOV 1997 then Paris followed by Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Milano, across Switzerland.

Additional “live” events: Canada, Mexico, Panama, Brasil.


introducing our favorite


fights Parkinson’s, Alzheimers  

The Foundation Institute for Neurological Diseases dba Find Neuro Help, is a 501©(3) nonprofit private foundation, founded in 2014 in Irvine, California. Public Filings:   prides itself on being transparent with the public and our donors. Learn more about our public filings / financial information HERE. Federal tax ID # 86-1913526.


The Perimeter of Hope is focused on addressing the practical needs of patients and families that have been impacted by a chronic neurological disease (CND).  At its center are the patient and their family. 

The perimeter is comprised of solutions and services that are the most exigent but are often neglected or overlooked. 

Left unattended, they can pose a significant risk to the peace of mind and stability of the CND patient and their family.

 Perimeter of Hope 


Revenues generated on, GlobalPressClub, and Comarketing Consulting …derived from sponsors, partners, advertisers, subscriber/memberships, consulting fees…, we are able to provide the charity  ongoing PR consulting, product development, Marketing assist, creating positive PR awareness across the business community by providing frequent media exposure 24/7/365, intros and speaking on talk shows.

Working together, we developed  MedicalTVtalkshowsclick, watch a program.   MedicalTVtalkshow  is a broadcast series presenting doctors and research scientists, foundation leaders, “well-being” subject authors, and others.

If you are interested to donate or simply learn more, or if you know someone who might be “in need” of advice because of recently been diagnosed… I’m avail to quickly introduce you to the charity’s Director/coFounder, Mark Colo, a current Parkinson’s patient.

FYI, for several years Mark was a successful transport exec based in Southern California specializing in relocating Doctors/research scientists from across the world into University of California Irvine, a top medical center.

Contact me directly for more info or an intro

  Ed Cohen (+1)619 787 3100 WhatsApp ok

or email me