About Dianne

Putting pieces together to deliver a message, to tell a story is what I do whether through consulting on events or crafting new ideas and strategies. I enjoy working with creative thinking people and businesses who seek solutions and innovations. I also enjoy bringing out the best in others and telling their personal stories. We are all players on the virtual stage, the Theater of Virtual Events. As people and businesses evolve, brainstorming will help to identify new ideas and options for growth and development. The assets I bring to you to help design new solutions stem from my extensive experience in meeting production.

When Covid struck, I produced Dianne Devitt Presents, a series of programming featuring over 56 speakers in topics from finance, legal, travel and entertainment combining my production and theater experience. This gave me hands-on experience in this new landscape.

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My career has given me many highlights from planning a meeting of 12 to an event of over 12,000 – from CEOs and U.S. Presidents to Astronauts and students. Working with people, planning the dynamics of human interaction and understanding the value of sensory communication enable me to help others strengthen the human connection.


Steven Howard

Turning Good Leaders into Great Leaders.

At all levels of an organization. Great leadership is an art comprising the right mindset, a personal leadership philosophy, and the use of the right tools and techniques.

Caliente Leadership is the home of Great Leadership. We take good and upcoming leaders and give them the mindset, tools, and techniques to become great leaders who achieve stellar results and develop people. Why “caliente” leadership?

While “caliente” in Spanish means hot, it also means passionate. And we are passionate about leadership and leadership development. We challenge leadership development participants to think outside their mental mindset boxes and to make connections where none previously existed. Caliente Leadership provides a range of virtual, digital, and classroom leadership development programs and leadership coaching services.

Our leadership training programs are designed and tailored to meet your specific needs. No off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all programs from us. We ensure that participants translate concepts and put leadership techniques into practice with Action Learning Projects that focus on your real business problems and opportunities. Additionally, your internal trainers and facilitators learn facilitation best practices from a seasoned pro who has conducted leadership Train-the-Trainer programs for companies in a wide range of industries, including public utilities, medical devices, hi-tech semiconductors, and financial services.

Steven Howard brings 36 years of international leadership and business experience into our programs. He brings a truly international, cross-cultural perspective to our leadership development programs, having lived for 21 years in Singapore and 12 years in Australia before returning to the United States in 2012.

Steven Howard is also the award-winning author of 19 books on leadership, management, marketing, and personal development.