BU Language and Learning Center

I am the Founder and CEO of BU Language and Learning Center.

I am a Triple Language Master supporting busy executives with Transitions.

You know how people that find themselves in a situation where they are not able to communicate in another language?

Well what I do is I make it easy to them to communicate. So that they can easier earn more money and communicate faster.

I have also designed a program for teenagers that uses a new language as a means of empowerment.

And since family violence has risen during the pandemic I have also designed a playful language program for very young children. It is designed for women’s shelters and I call it my heart project.

BU Global Language Solutions
Language acquisition offers a vast variety of benefits:
1. Communicate globally
2. Further your career
3. Train your brain
4. Intensify intercultural understanding
5. Discover new countries in target language
6. Become your own translator
7. Being a polyglot
8. Earn more confidence
9. Fact based decision making in new language

10. New cultural awareness

We offer on top of our English, French, and German immersion classes also English/ESL, French, and German business classes to help you transition and further your career and cultural training to help expats and their families to transition into their new target culture with ease.



Herzlich Willkommen

Here is a glimpse into our playful online English, French, and German immersion programs.

We also offer them as summer programs that you can easily take with you on your phone, tablet, or laptop.