VIRTUAL ASSIGNMENTS feasibility/success. It’s all about CULTURE! Orgs have right work/tech but fail due to misunderstandings between assignees/management. Needs more understanding and more prep.

GENERATION MOBILITY platform supports companies making transition abroad smoother for global workforce, raising employee engagement and wellness resulting in increased ROI.

PLUSH CARE… leading virtual health platform, announced 1st telehealth platform to offer nationwide access to antibody testing amid COVID-19.  The antibody test will determine if a patient has previously been infected with the COVID-19 virus; can also potentially predict immunity to the virus going forward.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, as presented EXPAT FINANCIAL, is a great place to live and traditionally is a common destination for expat employers and employees. This beautiful country is the world’s fourth most populous. An amalgamation of many ‘nations’, it results in a kaleidoscope of cultures, customs, art, and food. Just like its people, Indonesia offers the best of both worlds, from the bustling city in Jakarta to the scenic Bali. Expat Financial presents guidance for expat employers.

TALENT MOBILITY POST-CRISIS. What will corporate Talent Mobility Management look-like? Fewer relo assignments and much more business travel? Have a fast-look at this interesting graphic and contact the author and or contact GLOBAL to discuss things on