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    Magdalena Jennings (She/Her) 

    Hi Edwin, it’s great to hear from you. Yes of course if I can add value.

    Best wishes Magdalena

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    Thank You Magdalena. I’m developing a global conference series (virtual for now) and I invite you to be a speaker on OCT 3 afternoon. But first, briefly about us today: AUDIENCE… GLOBALTVtalkshow.com  GLOBALBUSINESSnews.net marketing and distribution have created  AUDIENCE REACH thus creating AUDIENCE VISITS (pageviews)    … 182,535  across 30 months Jan1 ’20 – July3 ’22; averaging 6084/month … 1521/week. (info GoogleAnalytics). I want to invite you to speak, please join my panel (virtual/recorded via zoom) participating in a friendly conversation with other bright “business” people. I will Moderate/Host.  Note:  Not a webinar; it’s a “tv talkshow”. Dialog / conversations and networking. Theme geo-based: GlobalBusiness MobileTalent; UK/Ireland Date: Oct3 afternoon, starting 3pm UK (my 7am), 4pm CET, 6pm Dubai, 730pm India. In my role as leader/coordinator, I believe in EDITORIAL COLLABORATION because it brings speakers comfort, convenience, and gives the speaker some control. I call it the 4 C’s. Therefore TOPICS will address “what’s important” to each participating thought-leader as we do business within a changing economic reality heading into Fall and Winter, in the post-pandemic “reality check”. FORMAT STYLE Note: No long speeches; each thought-leader can pick a topic and keynote it for a brief time, say 3-6 minutes. Following that, I will invite panelists/commentators to join the dialog. I will keep it flowing, friendly, and interesting. I invite your thinking… Topics can include: Leading/developing/coaching in remote / hybrid; Talent Mobility as a benefit and “attraction tool”. I will listen. Discuss with me? Oct 3 conference will be broadcast “live” simultaneously recorded (and slightly edited) for additional distribution via globaltvtalkshow.com globalbusinessnews.net linking to my youtubechannel + social, especially LinkedIn.  No registration fee for learning. All of our broadcasts and conferences are sponsored. Please read the CHARITY info below here. Thank you. Regards and sincerely, Ed Cohen Conference Producer +1 619 787 3100  (wa ok) email, publisher@globalbusiness.media Editor, globalbusinessnews.net, Broadcaster, globaltvtalkshow.com and globalradiotalkshow.com SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA CHARITY FINDneuroHELP.org is our favorite. Our primary business interest is PUBLIC RELATIONS, fyi. From all proceeds … ad space, conference registrations, partners/sponsors, media consulting, and GLOBALPressClub™ (subscription), we create positive PR awareness of FINDneuroHELP.org by providing frequent media exposure 24/7/365, frequent guest-speaking on our various talkshows and from business introductions. We also have developed, produce, host + distribute MEDICALTVtalkshow™, a series presenting research scientists, doctors, foundation leaders and authors and if you like it contact me to request to see other programs. If you know of someone who might have a “special interest” to see a program and learn more, tell me. I can also intro the charity’s Director and coFounder, Mark Colo, a current Parkinsons patient. For several years Mark was a successful mobility transportation exec based in Southern California. Mark specialized in relocating Doctors and research scientists from around the US into University of California Irvine, a top medical center. Discuss things? Please contact me (Ed) publisher@globalbusiness.media Show your LOGO / BRAND INFO; sponsor/be involved with us; it’s a true win/win ! MORE INFO ABOUT US… GLOBALTVtalkshow.com GLOBALBusinessnews.net link to our youtubechannel connecting across social. 400+ broadcasts have been developed / produced / financed / exhibited / distributed since launch March’20 as a result of pandemic “crashing” our “live” conference business of 24 years of activity in which 300+ live events were developed, staged/produced, financed and marketed. #1 “live” meeting was produced in L A at the Chamber of Commerce in October 1984 and more than 100 attended including HR Heads and Relocation Managers.   #1 event outside USA was produced in London NOV 1997 then Paris followed by Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Milano, across Switzerland. Additional “live” events: Canada, Mexico, Panama, Brasil.

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