Liz DiMarco

Liz DiMarco, Author and Branding Consultant is Ed’s special guest. How can you be a part of the DARE-Force®? Listen and find out.

Liz will discuss the emerging factors that women and men over 40 are facing in the workplace, in their personal lives and in their communities, considering the economy and the fact that most boomers, especially, are not living their grandparents’ dream retirement scheme. Her book contains a 12-point system for people over 40. As a college professor, Liz teaches Marketing as well as Consumer Behavior and Professional Development/Personal Branding, to professionals of all ages.

Women Over 40 – Get DARE from Here!™

The DARE-Force® Corporation is an educational resource company for visionary, intelligent, motivated women over 40 who want to pursue and develop new and fulfilling ventures in their personal lives, careers, and communities. We provide you with ideas, insights and tools to identify, isolate and articulate your key goals and objectives; sevelop a strategic plan that maximizes your strengths and opportunities; ramp up the resources to achieve your goals; and create, articulate and implement your own “call to action” – one that embraces and expresses your experience and expertise as you pursue your new mission.

The DARE-Force Corporation network includes: management consultants, executive coaches, business advisors, and other experts. We responsibly, respectfully, and expertly consult with visionary, intelligent, motivated women over 40 to help them fulfill their mission and vision. Our resources, services, and products for women over 40 include:

  • Get-DARE-From-Here™ – Group Workshops
  • Breathe-Some-Fresh-DARE™ – One-to-one in-person or phone consultation
  • DARE-There™ – E-mail consultation, from us to your in-box.
  • The DARE-Port™ – Our newsletter, featuring timely and topical articles, tips, opinions, and inspiration for women over 40.

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