Hello and warm welcome to this MASTERMIND edition.

LA/Southern California is USA’s #2 economic development engine and when combined with SiliconValley/SF + rest of California then California is now the world’s 4th largest economy, according to US Government stats (GDP). During the Summer we will produce a MASTERMIND conference focusing on “northern” California.

June 21st, make the most your virtual experience; by your active participation during the “live” recording session you will feel the vibe, the electric surge of intelligence (know how) flowing thru the GlobalMeetingRoom experience.

Feel “growth” happening inside you from the sharp intel in the “room”. Yes, immerse yourself; enjoy the education. Allow it to seep-in. Meanwhile, I invite you to contact me to discuss. OK?   Ed

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LA  Southern California

21 June ’23   9am California/Phoenix/LasVegas/PacNW

10 Calgary, 11 Mexico City/Texas/Chicago, 12 east, 1 RIO/SP, 5 London, 6 cet, 8 Dubai


Regional Economic Development

& Talent Development

Masterminds convening to Create a Culture

for Growing Resilience + Well Being + Measurable Productivity

to Attract, Develop, Retain Global Business Talent

for New Leadership Development.

  • Future of work: How do we progress into the next phase?
  • Hybrid, remote, or back to fully onsite: What is Reality?
  • Gig economy: Expanding the global reach for qualified talent.
  • Global talent acquisition: Remote? H-1B visa limits / relaxed federal legal immigration standards.
  • International talent transfer / talent mobility, expats + inpats.
  • SoftSkills leader training: Becoming better relationship-builders / increase employee retention.
  • Layoffs/Reshuffling of industries: Following a herd vs rightsizing due to pandemic overstaffing?
  • Learning how-to-listen, ask questions, engage with employees, build rapport/understanding.
  • Virtual “life” and psycho-safety …

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Paul Falcone

Los Angeles & Chicago

My newest book from HarperCollins Leadership, “Effective Hiring,” introduces the emotionally intelligent interviewer, interviewing remote staff, freelancers, and salespeople, mastering references and offer negotiations, and extended onboarding done right.
Aligning your management team around effective hiring is a great way to reward them with career and professional development while building your talent pipeline!

youtube channel  https://lnkd.in/gNk7F6x

PUT THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN PLACE THE FIRST TIME with the help of scripts, templates, and tools you can apply immediately, from the leading voice in HR expertise.

Paul Falcone, author for 101 Tough Conversations to Have with Your Employees and renowned hiring, performance management, and leadership development expert, walks you through the challenges you’ll face during the interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process.

Quick guide to

Effective Hiring:

  • Offers new interpretations of candidate responses to the most often used interview questions.
  • Identifies red flags in the candidate assessment process, such as unrelated responses to questions that delay getting to the answer to your question.
  • Provides leaders who often struggle to meet crucial HR demands with simple tools to guide them through effective interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.

Getting the best employees on board is one of the most crucial and difficult jobs of leaders and human resources professionals. This book provides quick, reliable information on how to hire effectively.

Special thanks to Ben Geoghegan at GetMoreHRClients.com and podcast host of “A Better HR Business” in Dublin, Ireland for his marketing advice and support in establishing this channel!

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#humanresources #business #management #leadership

HOT item…!

Tineke  Rensen 

Business Accelerator, Speaker, Trainer


Rotterdam, Netherlands

Old, White,

Hetero Men;

you can’t blame them

Tineke Rensen is the author of the book
“Maximum Business Growth for Women

Order here

Download the free study
How Women do Business

Distributieweg 46,
2645 EJ Delfgauw
The Netherlands

e-mail: info@tinekerensen.nl
phone: +31(0)15-7851592
mobile: +31(0)651371467
skype: tineke.rensen


Kim Congdon

Global Vice President,

Human Resources and Talent Management

Herbalife Nutrition

$5 billion global wellness and nutrition company with operations in 94 countries; 90,000 nutrition and fit clubs; #1 brand in the world in meal replacement shakes.

Los Angeles

Profile photo of Kim Congdon

Kim Congdon

Gary Saenger

Los Angeles

Annalieza Landa The Values Differentiator

Annaleiza Landa 

The Values Differentiator


Hull, England

Ashkan Tabibnia

Founder, 90210Network.com

Beverly Hills (LA) California

Ashkan Tabibnia

Profile photo of Ashkan Tabibnia

Annette Dernick


Cologne/Bonn, Germany

Annette Dernick - Peace creates value

The goal of my work is that you and your company are well positioned for the future.
Together we can bring peace and effectiveness to everyday work.

Coaching of Managers, Business Team Coaching, Coaching of international Project Teams in German or English in Germany and other countries

Angie Weinberger


Virtual “life” and psycho-safety …

“Why the Expat Experience Needs More Attention


Why the Expat Partner

is Crucial for Wellbeing”

“I‘m on a mission to help high performing global people

get over trauma and live a happier life.   

Can I be your Coach; bring psychological safety.”

Female Founder  –  Executive Coach  –  Expat Helpline

GlobalPeopleTransitions logoglobalpeopletransitions.com


Doreen Cumberford

Seattle & Denver


Long View … what needs to be done!

I help people navigate great big life transitions and cross cultural change. I love to mentor, coach and walk people through the Re-entry process after returning home from abroad.

Profile photo of Doreen Cumberford

Doreen Cumberford

Sandra Corona

Saudi Arabia


Assignment ends early’24, then Houston bound!


Mark Colo

St George, Utah

Despite how well we plan things, life always knows how to throw a curveball. In this thought-provoking talk, Mark Colo provides the tools to combat fear, apathy, and doubt aka FAD when faced with life’s many unpredictable challenges, including his diagnosis with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease, at age 48 while living in Newport Coast CA with his wife, three children, all under age 10, and his dog Quincy.

No pressure… right?

Mark will leave you with five adaptive principles that will help you abolish FAD in your life.  Peace With Parkinson's: It's Called A Resting Tremor, Not An Earthquake. by [Mark Colo, Rachel Colo, Barbara McNichol]


#Parkinson #Parkinson‘s #Neuroscience #TEDx #TEDTalk #TEDxStGeorge #Health #acceptance

Mark is a Certified Relocation Professional and licensed California Real Estate Broker with extensive experience relocating more than 15,000 families, 300 businesses, 100 warehousing and distribution centers, and 100 science laboratories globally. He relocated Focus on the Family and World Vision organizations, and 330,000 reels of Kodachrome film from UCLA Campus to Santa Clarita, CA.

Mark is also an accomplished author of two books, “Peace with Parkinson’s,” and “The Noble and Great One’s,” which highlight stories of individuals who have overcome personal challenges and events that personified nobility and greatness. All proceeds from “Peace with Parkinson’s” are distributed to individuals with neuro-diseases. He is a co-founder of the Foundation Institute for Neurological Diseases and a Parkinson’s patient himself.

Mark enjoys spending time with family, cycling, overseas travel, and reading.

Learn more at findneurohelp.org

LaShell Tinder  GPHR, GMS

Global Talent Mobility & Change Management Professional

New Jersey

I asked LaShell…

so, what’s next for you?

Over 20 years experience in global mobility, project and change management, business development, training, and HR services. Credible partner in building relations with colleagues, customers and vendors with a dedicated focus on the client and employee experience. Demonstrated breadth and depth of experience in assignment management, immigration law, expatriate tax compliance with a particular focus on LATAM, policy development, domestic relocation, career and transition couching & counseling. Knowledgeable in General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Project management experience implementing assignment management system for global operations. Procurement management and vendor selection experience, both from vendor support services and corporate role.

Thought leader who looks for strategic approaches to achieve results and add value when working with customers, vendor partners, and colleagues.

Developed culturally agility and a global mindset while living abroad and gained fluency in Spanish. Have “walked the talk” as an accompanying spouse on international assignments, transferring every 2-3 years within Europe and Latin America for 11 years.

Volunteered in a number of capacities including Cub Master of a Cub Scout Pack of 110 culturally diverse scouts and leaders, produced and published 5 school year books, and was deeply involved in expatriate groups to help newcomers with their own assimilation process.

Avid traveler and lifelong learner able to manage ambiguity well.

Tory Wiwchar

Vancouver BC, Canada

An enthusiastic educator and leader

who collaborates to build healthier business cultures.

From international relations, to luxury hospitality, to marketing management, to entrepreneurship, to health and wellness, and to education, I have exposed myself to different ways of thinking, and different ways of living.

At the heart of everything I do, you will find an enthusiasm for people.

I love people, I believe in the future, and I see the potential within everyone I meet.

I have been able to achieve outside of the box thinking by taking a different path than the norm.

Some may see this as a disadvantage, but I believe that my exposure to multiple businesses, industries and cultures have ultimately given me a unique perspective on the human experience.

Profile photo of Tory WiwcharI believe in human flourishing and I believe that people can live meaningful lives if we create the right environments and if leaders have the courage to change.

I hope to help companies create extraordinary cultures and infuse the thinkers of tomorrow with a confidence to adapt to and solve the challenges of the planet. 

I aim to reduce the level of suffering people experience as well as help others thrive.

I am inspired to serve humanity and I do that through teaching, and strategic business consulting.

Learn about us…


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