1 April 2019 in Stuttgart Germany

at Mercedes-Daimler



 Global Business Congress

Accelerating Development and Performance of NextGen via Strategic Global Leadership   

Theme keynote by Mercedes-Benz executive

The global mobility of executives and employees is becoming increasingly important for corporations and international medium-sized companies.

In the US, but also in Germany and other countries, this issue has long been a top priority.

Through a partnership with the US-based portal, GlobalBusinessNews and its Publisher – Edwin Cohen, a congress on this topic takes place for the first time in Germany.

We suggest you use the opportunity to obtain information on current trends and developments, and to exchange ideas with experts and colleagues.

 Johannes Klemeyer and Steffen Henkel

CrossCulture Academy / Globiana, Inc., Stuttgart

Dr. Wilfried Mödinger, Institute of Sustainable Leadership

Steinbeis University, Berlin


General Admission  € 444

Buy 2 seats € 666

3 seats € 888

4 seats € 1000

8 seats € 1600

includes: Opening reception, Conference Admission;  Education course & materials; Introductions; Sponsor info; Luncheon; Closing Reception


Museum at Mercedes-Benz  portrays the 130-year history of the auto industry, filling nine floors and a surface area of 16,500 square metres; showcasing 160 vehicles in +1500 exhibits.





Welcome Remarks and

Delegate Introductions


Lecture: “How does a German family business become a global market leader?”

Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Kurtz  (Managing Director Kurtz Ersa)

10h, Break


Lecture: Global Leadership

Wilfried Porth

Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG

Human Resources and Labor Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans



Convergence or disintegration? 

A legal view on globalism

Dr. René-Alexander Hirth, Attorney at Law,

Specialist Lawyer for International Business Law

 (Buse Heberer Fromm Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater Partnergesellschaft mit beschränkter Berufshaftung)


12h – 12h45,  

Predictive Analytics and TalentStrategy

12h45 – 13h45, Luncheon

14h, panel discussion

“Cultural Challenges – Communication is the key”

Moderation: Johannes Klemeyer

Steffen Henkel  (Managing Director crossculture academy, COO Globiana)

Alexandra Gorodova  (HR Manager Playtech Kiev)

Hans-Harry Bittner  (Managing Director Bittner International Training)

15.00 – 15.30,

Obstacles and perspectives for business ROI”

Moderator: Ed Cohen

Konstantin von Vietinghoff-Scheel  – Managing Director Corporate Counseling Services  (Luxembourg)

15.20 – 15.50, Geoffrey Matthews,  Vice-President, Head of Global Total Rewards, Employee Engagement, and International Mobility – Nestle    (Switzerland).

Co-author of “Engaged: Unleashing Your Organization’s Potential Through Employee Engagement” (Jossey-Bass, April 2012), Geoffrey Matthews is focused on helping organisations address their strategic people challenges to create high performing, engaging workplaces.

15.50 – 17.30  … panel

Helenna Wennberg, Global HR & Mobility   – accedo.tv  (Stockholm)

Julie Sunstronck  – Senior Global Mobility Manager, CB & I  (Amsterdam)

Siobhan Cummins – Head of Global Mobility.  Naspers Ltd. (Amsterdam)

Dr Cliff Rehr, HRD, Steinway & Sons (Hamburg)

Olivier Meier, Principal/Product Solution Leader; Mercer

Barry Potter, Senior Vice President, Altair Global

Andreas Strachwitz , Vice-President EMEA, Weichert Workforce Mobility

17.30 – 18.15
Lecture: Internationalization

and Targeting by eSports   
Christian Ruf – Divisional Director Digital Sales,

VFB Stuttgart

18:15: Open networks





For US-based residents,

US Tax Deduction for Continuing Professional Education:
A US income tax deduction is allowed for expenses of education including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging, undertaken to maintain or improve skills (Treasury Reg 1.1662-5; Coughlin v. Commissioner Internal Revenue, 203 F2d 307, 2d Circuit 1953)