John Smith

John Smith, Director of Enterprise Business Solutions for “Talent Management” software designer CRG emPerform.

What is CRG’s “emPerform”?
In three words…Employee Performance Management!

Companies invest a good portion of their time and money attracting and developing top talent. As the economic climate shifts and industries become more competitive, companies are shining a spotlight on their Human Resources Department and more emphasis is being placed on efficiently and effectively managing employee performance to ensure that the right people are focused on the right tasks that will enable to the organization to reach its objectives.

HR professionals are re-thinking traditional processes and searching for solutions that are easy- to-use, all-inclusive, and most importantly have proven results.

Managing performance is one of the most critical activities within organizations. If managed properly, it can lead to business results, while an inadequate one will have a negative effect on productivity.

emPerform is a complete, all-in-one employee performance management solution. Everything needed to complete an evaluation is included. emPerform maximizes employee appraisal reviews by automating the process and assisting the user.