Jeff Garr

Jeff Garr is the CEO and a founding partner of HR Knowledge of Mansfield, MA, a company that delivers comprehensive Human Resource services to small and mid-sized businesses throughout the U.S. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University and his expertise has been honed from more than two decades in Sales, Management and HR in the distribution, manufacturing and business to business sectors. He has won countless sales awards and led dozens of seminars and training sessions over the years. Jeff launched his first HR outsourcing company, HR Logic, in 1998, which was a Fidelity Investments Company. He went on to found AdminaService in 2001 and subsequently partnered with Ken Bettenhauser of HR Knowledge in 2003. Today, Jeff, his partners and a growing staff proudly serve an extensive client list that includes emerging and established companies, as well as more than 60 Charter and Independent schools across the nation.