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Info by  Deloitte and market research firm Workplace Intelligence found

  • 70% C-level execs were seriously considering leaving for a job that better supports their well-being.

76% of higher-ups said the pandemic has negatively affected their overall health.

  • 57% FEDUP in Deloitte survey …enough to quit 
Values-based leadership builds morale, kills workplace drama like nothing else and here’s how to put it into action for new hires and existing teams!
Paul Falcone
Chief Human Resources Officer at Motion Picture and Television Fund
Bestselling Author with HarperCollins Leadership 

Steven Howard + Ken Somers

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Really listening when someone speaks to us is an active process that requires critical thinking and analysis….
  Dr. Nora Gold
Dr. Nora Gold
Publisher & Editor of literary journal Jewish Fiction .net.
Author of three books.
Praised by Alice Munro. Winner of two Canadian Jewish Book/Literary Awards.
Former professor of Social Work.
Community activist

This smart infographic (below) summarizes 6 critical questions we should be asking ourselves when someone is telling us something:

1. Who (nature of our relationship with this person)
2. What (nature of content shared, and whether what we are told is incomplete)
3. Where (context in which this is being said)
4. When (timing in relation to other events)
5. Why (person’s motive for saying this)
6. How (in what ways this content is expressed; what nonverbal components)

Especially important and quite often missed – the “how” question: paying close attention to the speaker’s nonverbal communications.  

Which of these 6 questions
do you think are most important
or most likely to be overlooked?
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This infographic visualizes the 100 trillion global economy by country GDP

Surpassing the $100 trillion mark is a new milestone for global economic output.

We’ve covered this topic in the past when the world’s GDP was $88 trillion (2020) and then $94 trillion (2021), and now according to the latest projections, the IMF expects the global economy to reach nearly $104 trillion in nominal value by the end of 2022.

Although growth keeps trending upwards, the recovery that was expected in the post-pandemic period is looking strained. Because of recent conflicts, supply chain bottlenecks, and subsequent inflation, global economic projections are getting revised downwards.

Global annual GDP growth for 2022 was initially projected to be 4.4% as of January, but this has since been adjusted to 3.6%.

Note: This data from the IMF represents the most recent nominal projections for end of year as of April 2022.

 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a broad indicator of the economic activity within a country. It measures the total value of economic output—goods and services—produced within a given time frame by both the private and public sectors.

Top 50

The United States is still the economic leader worldwide, with a GDP of $25.3 trillion—making up nearly one quarter of the global economy. China follows close behind at $19.9 trillion. Here’s a look at the top 50 countries in terms of GDP:

The frontrunner in Europe is Germany at $4.3 trillion, with the UK coming in second place. One significant change since the last reported figures is that Brazil now cracks the top 10, having surpassed South Korea. Russia falls just outside, in 11th place, with a GDP of $1.8 trillion.

While China’s GDP growth has slowed in recent years, projections still indicate that the country will overtake the U.S. by 2030, dethroning the world’s economic leader.

One region also expected to experience growth in the near future is the Middle East and North Africa, thanks to higher oil prices—Iraq and Saudi Arabia in particular are leading this charge. Regional GDP growth in the area is expected to be around 5% in 2022.

Bottom 50

Some of the world’s smallest economies were hit particularly hard by the pandemic, and have subsequently been the most affected by the inflation and food supply shortages resulting from the war in Ukraine.

Here’s a look at the countries worldwide with the lowest GDP in 2022:

The smallest economy in the world measured in the IMF rankings is Tuvalu at $66 million. Most of the bottom 50 are considered low- to middle-income and emerging/developing countries. According to the World Bank, in developing countries, the level of per capita income in 2022 will be about 5% below the pre-pandemic trends.

Some countries are actually projected to experience negative GDP growth this year, particularly emerging and developing economies in Europe.

For example, Russia is expected to experience a GDP growth rate of -8.5% in 2022, though it still remains to be seen how the cost of war and increasingly harsh global sanctions impact the country’s economic prospects.

Inflation, Stagflation, Recession

– How Bad is it?

While global economic growth has already been revised downwards, it’s possible the situation could be even more serious. Organizations like the World Bank say that risks of stagflation are rising. Stagflation, which hasn’t occurred since the 1970s, is defined as an economy that’s experiencing rising inflation combined with a stagnant economic output.

Currently, global consumer inflation is currently pegged at 7%. Daily goods are becoming increasingly difficult to purchase and interest rates are on the rise as central banks worldwide try to control the situation.

As recent events in Sri Lanka demonstrate, low-income countries are particularly at risk to economic volatility.


Beside the nation’s first Black woman Supreme Court justice is her husband, a ‘quintessential Boston Brahmin’
He descends from British royalty and New England merchants, some who profited off slave ships or themselves owned people.

She can trace her ancestors to plantations in the antebellum South, where they were enslaved.

His forefathers led states and industries, accumulating vast wealth; hers were sharecroppers denied the profits of their own harvests.

His family signed the US Constitution, a document that defined hers as less than fully human.

For centuries the ancestral lines of Ketanji Onyika Brown and Patrick Graves Jackson were impossibly far apart.

Then, 30 years ago at Harvard, they crossed.


Talent Mobility Thinking

Now Required 

Olivier MeierOlivier Meier

  Principal at Mercer 
Helping Companies Go Global
Consulting, Data and Technology to Support Talent Mobility

We are trying to implement more flexible work setups and open up new opportunities for mobile employees but many of the concepts and processes we are relying on were developed to support a linear and vertical career progression – climbing up the career ladder in a siloed function.

In flatter, more agile organizations, lateral moves between functions need to be recognized and valued by management.

Rigid career paths limit opportunities to upskill and reskill the workforce.

They are also increasingly disconnected from the expectations of employees.

Geographical and cross-functional mobility is a risk if the only way is up, within the same function.

Employees are concerned that they will miss out by going on assignment or struggle to find a suitable position when they come back.

On the contrary, a more flexible career path allow employees to learn, make new experiences or prioritize their lifestyle if they want to.

Internal mobility is an alternative to moving to another company to experience something new.

Many would agree with that statement but it takes time to truly change managerial mentalities.

#globalmobility #talentmanagement #humanresources #futureofwork

MEXICO bound?   Chapter 4   Queretaro

Mexico Discovery Lifestyle tour ’22  Queretaro pedestrian streets

Emily Bron

click   Emily Bron
International Lifestyle Consultant | Global Relocation | Remote Work, Business, Retirement Abroad | Host for Toronto | Hexedes Global Advisor | RE Investment Abroad | Expats and Eco Living Community

Queretaro city is a strong business and economic centre, that offers a lot of options for education (many universities and international level schools) and professional work opportunities.

Map: Location of Queretaro MexicoQueretaro is located at altitude; the city maintains an eternal spring-like climate throughout much of the year. You wouldn’t realize it from the mostly flat streets of Queretaro’s historic center, but the town is situated over a mile high (1,820 meters). The cool & dry mountain air comes as a most welcomed reprieve in this country that is otherwise very warm throughout the low-lying areas.

This ancient city going through the renaissance, also an industrial hub of Mexico and for this reason attracted a lot of professional foreigners from the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Korea and France, being the place where the major international corporations in the aerospace, electronics, automotive, chemical, food, and financial areas have their national headquarters.

Queretaro is the fastest-growing in-country and has 2nd highest GDP per capita after Monterrey.

Climate, location and infrastructure are perfect, all of this has resulted in high levels of migration from other parts of Mexico.

For this reason, multiple lifestyle options can be found in the modern development projects, which are booming here, creating a unique combination of the ancient and new faces of this city.

Queretaro is also a city full of surprises for lovers of history, art and architecture, like me .

Every time I am walking on the colonial streets of the Old Centro I am opening for myself a new museum exhibition, art installation, the garden full of flowers, sculptures or some cultural event (often of the international level).

#mexico#oppotunities#business#lifestyle #remotework#retirement,

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