the newspaper, June 28 ’22

Info by  Deloitte and market research firm Workplace Intelligence found

  • 70% C-level execs were seriously considering leaving for a job that better supports their well-being.

76% of higher-ups said the pandemic

has negatively affected their overall health.

  • 57% of employees in the Deloitte survey said 
  • they were fed up enough to quit, too.

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Steven Howard + Ken Somers

          Global Workplace Culture Report

Report finds that amid the pandemic, workplace culture was a guiding light, but people managers must remain vigilant and improve work environment to prevent turnover

Strengthening Workplace Culture: A Tool for Retaining and Empowering Employees Globally  

…explores the impact of workplace culture on the well-being of workers and organizations. SHRM found that 89 percent of workers said their workplace culture has improved or stayed the same since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the new report demonstrates that workplace culture is still the glue that holds the workplace together

Eighty-six percent of employees globally indicated that they feel physically safe at work, with 91 percent of employees who rate their culture as good saying they can trust their supervisor. 

But despite positive culture, the workplace still needs work.

SHRM’s research uncovered a critical skills gap at the management level and found that managers play a critical role in shaping culture, with 81 percent of employees globally who rated their culture as poor indicating that their manager allows employees to get away with bad behavior.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Most workers who have thought about leaving their current organization work in organizations with poor cultures. Ninety percent of workers who rate their organizational culture as poor have thought about quitting; 72 percent of workers who rate their organizational culture as average have thought about quitting; and 32 percent of workers who rate their organizational culture as good have thought about quitting.
  • Nearly 1 in 3 workers (32 percent) indicated that they dread going into work, potentially due to a poor workplace culture.
  • 50 percent of the U.S workforce have indicated that their manager allows workers to get away with bad behavior.
  • 42 percent of workers globally have witnessed inconsiderate or insensitive treatment of a coworker by a manager in the past year.
  • Only 69 percent of workers claimed their direct supervisor is empathetic
  • Six in 10 workers (60 percent) actively searching for a job claimed their organizations culture makes it difficult to balance their work and home commitments.    Learn more at and on Twitter @SHRM.
Values-based leadership builds morale, kills workplace drama like nothing else and here’s how to put it into action for new hires and existing teams!
Paul Falcone
Chief Human Resources Officer at Motion Picture and Television Fund
Bestselling Author with HarperCollins Leadership 


… and the beat goes on…


source: AXIOS 6/6/22

Data: Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Chart: Simran Parwani/Axios

More warehouse workers, fewer waiters. More health store employees, fewer in public schools.

  • The job market is nearly back to full strength, but it looks strikingly different, Axios’ Courtenay Brown writes.

Why it matters: Pandemic-era disruptions have shaken up the composition of the labor force — with big implications for how industries will have to adjust to a longer-term worker shortfall.

State of play: With May’s payroll gains, roughly 96% of jobs lost during the pandemic are back.

  • Stunning stat: The private sector has recovered 99% of jobs lost, but the public sector has regained just 58%. Businesses can adjust compensation and policies quickly. Governments were slower.
  •  Other industries have grown: Transportation and warehousing (package couriers and truckers) have never made up a bigger share of the workforce — reflecting the historic appetite for goods.

A Ministry of Women, Child Affairs and Social Empowerment was also created.

Technology and Investment Promotion

1. Department of Registration of Persons

2. Department of Immigration and Emigration

3. Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka and Allied Institutions

4. Information and Communication Technology Agency and Allied Institutions

5. Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team

6. Sri Lanka Telecom and its Subsidiaries and Allied Institutions

7. Colombo Lotus Tower Management Company (Pvt.) Limited

8. Techno Park Development Company (Pvt.) Limited

9. Information Technology Parks (Jaffna & Mannar)

10. Industrial Technology Institute

11. Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (Pvt.) Ltd

12. Sri Lanka Standards Institute

13. Sri Lanka Institute of Biotechnology (Pvt.) Ltd.

14. Board of Investment of Sri Lanka

15. Colombo Port City Economic Commission

Face-to-face meetings

business travel coming back 

Making the right choices on the best way to meet and when to travel is key to business success.

Where do you start? 

Read this white paper from , sponsored by Cytric by AmadeusCWT, and Delta Air Lines. It will guide you with key insights from business leaders and a strategic framework to make the right decisions.
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MEXICO bound?   Chapter 4   Queretaro

Mexico Discovery Lifestyle tour ’22  Queretaro pedestrian streets

Emily Bron

click   Emily Bron
International Lifestyle Consultant | Global Relocation | Remote Work, Business, Retirement Abroad | Host for Toronto | Hexedes Global Advisor | RE Investment Abroad | Expats and Eco Living Community

Queretaro city is a strong business and economic centre, that offers a lot of options for education (many universities and international level schools) and professional work opportunities.

Map: Location of Queretaro MexicoQueretaro is located at altitude; the city maintains an eternal spring-like climate throughout much of the year. You wouldn’t realize it from the mostly flat streets of Queretaro’s historic center, but the town is situated over a mile high (1,820 meters). The cool & dry mountain air comes as a most welcomed reprieve in this country that is otherwise very warm throughout the low-lying areas.

This ancient city going through the renaissance, also an industrial hub of Mexico and for this reason attracted a lot of professional foreigners from the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Korea and France, being the place where the major international corporations in the aerospace, electronics, automotive, chemical, food, and financial areas have their national headquarters.

Queretaro is the fastest-growing in-country and has 2nd highest GDP per capita after Monterrey.

Climate, location and infrastructure are perfect, all of this has resulted in high levels of migration from other parts of Mexico.

For this reason, multiple lifestyle options can be found in the modern development projects, which are booming here, creating a unique combination of the ancient and new faces of this city.

Queretaro is also a city full of surprises for lovers of history, art and architecture, like me .

Every time I am walking on the colonial streets of the Old Centro I am opening for myself a new museum exhibition, art installation, the garden full of flowers, sculptures or some cultural event (often of the international level).

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supplied by Dr. David Weiss

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Talent Mobility Thinking



Olivier MeierOlivier Meier

  Principal at Mercer 
Helping Companies Go Global
Consulting, Data and Technology to Support Talent Mobility

We are trying to implement more flexible work setups and open up new opportunities for mobile employees but many of the concepts and processes we are relying on were developed to support a linear and vertical career progression – climbing up the career ladder in a siloed function.

In flatter, more agile organizations, lateral moves between functions need to be recognized and valued by management.

Rigid career paths limit opportunities to upskill and reskill the workforce.

They are also increasingly disconnected from the expectations of employees.

Geographical and cross-functional mobility is a risk if the only way is up, within the same function.

Employees are concerned that they will miss out by going on assignment or struggle to find a suitable position when they come back.

On the contrary, a more flexible career path allow employees to learn, make new experiences or prioritize their lifestyle if they want to.

Internal mobility is an alternative to moving to another company to experience something new.

Many would agree with that statement but it takes time to truly change managerial mentalities.

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