Humor, Humanity and Creativity in the Workplace:’s CEO and Founder Tony Ellison

Tony Ellison is the founder, CEO and chairman of Over the last 19 years he has built up as the number one virtual eTailer in the Office Product category
affording over 3 million businesses the opportunity to engage in eProcurement and source over 400,000 products for the office cost effectively.

Prior to starting the company in 1994, Ellison worked with Goldman Sachs & Co. in the private client services division. has become the number one pure play eTailer in the Office Product category one of the few dot.coms reaching profitability in 1997.

Ellison took an innovative approach to the customer’s shopping experience by developing a proprietary e-procurement software and platform, boosting selection and distribution, including largest selection of environmentally-friendly products. It is these types of unique approaches that have enabled Ellison to rise above the competition year after year, recently making on a list of Top 100 Hottest Online Retailers in US ranked by Internet Retailer Magazine.

In addition, during his tenure has attained 65 consecutive profitable quarters and triple digit growth year over year in both down and soft economies.

He received his BSc in Computer Science and Operations from Columbia University.