June 25 at 6pm CET, 12noon New York, 9am California

Publisher’s Memo:

OUR MISSION, be a link-maker™  bringing together business people from across industries and silos, from across borders and cultures.

Using the low cost and effective tv talkshow we collapse time.

We make intros happen enabling talk and idea X.

Yes, we help people who enter as strangers, leave as friends… learning from each other, building rapport that could last years, if lucky.

We bring together business people; yes, we are the link-makers™.

GoogleAnalytics has measured traffic and reach of the GlobalTVtalkshows™ 102,000 audience pageviews April 2020 thru May ’21

… in our view it was because of consistent content quality/intelligent dialog, business introductions.

We say THANK YOU for being our customer.

We are grateful.

VUCA world we are living in today; upside down, volatile, the need to sustain, resilience, being agile, we need to communicate more and better

Speaking to a board meeting or to 4000 in a LIVE setting, your success will be “all in your mind”.Christine Morlet, CSP