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Philip Alfonso Berry

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it’s happening but now in construction… here’s a “sneak preview” of coming attractions…

Various talkshow productions will include:


globalisation 2.0… get ready to SPRINT and SCRUM

Global Talent can be defined as  sitting in HQ or in WFH but working virtually in another region/country. Defining the skillset required for that to succeed.

A-player relos will still happen but not for “old school” longterm. Business travel will ramp-up, for sure, fully compliant, of course.  But the mainstream will likely become DISTRIBUTING WORK TO THE GLOBAL TALENT … not sending talent to the work

“mobile workforce; enabler of strategies- talent and business”

1 Definition. “Digital mobility permits consumers to interact with, and contribute to, sources of information, knowledge, content creation and entertainment — anywhere and anytime.”

“…digital revolution, including demographic, political, and social forces. Almost 90 percent of HR and business leaders rate building the organization of the future as their highest priority. While organizations once did digital things, they now are digital, in ways that combine new technologies with new cognitive, emotional, and behavioral expectations.”

… I’M BASED IN CALIFORNIA but I “work” in Dubai, in Tel Aviv, in Sydney, in Rio, in Mexico City, in Toronto. I contribute to saving the company mega bucks by succeeding at learning cultures, a few words to throw around, too. Cheers!  Bring it on.