Daniel Cunningham, Founder and Partner of Moving Technologies

Technology Entrepreneur Daniel Cunningham, Founder and Partner of Mover Technologies is Ed’s special guest.

Mover Technologies has just launched their revolutionary new software package “M-Tech” for the moving Industry.

Movers Technologies Inc. has been developing household inventory software for over 15 years. The M-Tech program was one of the first developed for this arena. The design and function of the program was based on 30 plus years of experience in the industry and takes into account a full understanding of the industry’s unique working environment. We have addressed many of the situational issues and concerns related to the household moving process.

Version 1 of the M-Tech systems was designed to work on a Pen Based Tablet computer to facilitate ease of use, while having benefits of having a computer. Many drivers were just beginning to use email and the internet. The tablet gave drivers a powerful tool for their profession, as well as a way to keep in better touch with their families.

What does Daniel have to say about himself?
My personality allows me to question things that most would simply let slide, it allows me to stand up for myself, my team, and my concepts. Ethics cannot be ignored or compromised, I’d rather lose it ALL than be a part of something that karma will catch up with.

Amazed every single day at the things that can be accomplished when you believe so much in what you’re doing, the direction you’re going, and the team you’ve chosen to share the journey!

I’m not your typical technology visionary – However, a track record of leadership, excellent results through strategic skills in driving revenue and profit growth. Expert in online focused business initiatives within domestic and international venues.