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The CubeMonk Difference

CubeMonk’s technology and containerized solution gives movers, carriers, and corporate relocation experts the power of faster and smarter household goods shipments. 

Operating in real time, the CubeMonk Marketplace and trackable SmartCubes synchronize across the network to let you quote, optimize, book, manage, track, and bill your shipments all in one place. 

The CubeMonk Marketplace provides real-time updates on the chain of custody, location, temperature, humidity, and whether the container has been opened unexpectedly. 

Our mission is to restore truth and transparency to the transportation industry, helping you provide a higher quality of service to your customers.

CubeMonk, Inc.
The Power of Now

The CubeMonk Marketplace,

The Future of Global Moving and Shipping.

The Logistics industry is the unseen engine that drives today’s economy, yet it is completely broken due to fragmented data, wasted resources, antiquated coordination tools and misaligned interests throughout the shipping process. Driver shortage is becoming a crippling problem as Millenials aren’t drawn to the space.

The CubeMonk Marketplace is redesigning the game by aligning the interests of all parties involved in a shipment and introducing smart leasing technology that allows any player, including truckers, to own smart property.

The CubeMonk Marketplace empowers the players that are on-time, trustworthy, and most efficient with valuable rewards and access to the tools and resources needed to create passive income streams and earn more money than ever, thereby winning the game.