Ann Tardy

Ann Tardy is the author of “LifeMoxie! Ambition on a Mission – 9 Strategies for Taking Life by the Horns” (published in 2007), and also, Moxie for Managers – The Secret to Evolving from Manager to Leader (published 2011).

From Silicon Valley corporate attorney to award-winning advocate for middle managers, mentoring expert, and adventurer, Ann never met a dull moment or a person who wasn’t dying to make a difference. Ann is known to have a unique skill for combining the art of management with the science of behavioral economics to interpret the stories we tell ourselves. In the process, Ann is constantly revealing how we are each hardwired to hold ourselves back. And in the end, Ann strives to help to create a new emotional context to prepare people to execute in ever-changing environments.

At LifeMoxie, Ann has worked with some of the best and the brightest consultants in the business of change. Ann is considered one of the top thought-leaders on transforming middle management. Committed to business as “unusual,” Ann is known for helping visionary organizations unleash moxie where they need it most – in the middle.

In Summer 2011, Ann circumvented her own hardwiring to cycle over 4,200 miles from San Francisco to New Jersey in The Moxie Ride, a cross-country bicycle ride she created to research and document what people love about their jobs and their managers. The documentary was released November 2011. During the Summer of 2012, Ann cycled again from Key West FL to Bar Harbor ME.