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DATE:  30 March

TIME:   1pm California, 2 mountain, 3 central, 4 east

LENGTH: 55 minutes max, could be 30 minutes

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Bring business people together from across industries/silos, borders/time/cultures to connect/network, talk, idea x, learn and build rapport that could last years

 Kathy Connelly  SCRP, GMSProfile photo of Kathy Connelly, SCRP, GMS

Senior Vice President,

Corporate Services

Qualifying Broker

100 Mansell Court East, Suite 600

Roswell, GA  30076



Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties is a part of HomeServices of America, the #1 real estate company in the Nation. The brand, among the few organizations entrusted to use the world-renowned Berkshire Hathaway name, brings to the Metro Atlanta real estate market a definitive mark of stability, strength, quality and innovation.

“When people are making the decision of the magnitude of buying a house, it’s the biggest decision a great many families will ever make. They want to know who they’re working with and we think that the Berkshire Hathaway name will be reassuring to many of those people.”


 Kathy will lead on …

  • Relocation Post COVID
  • Trends in Real Estate
  • Relationship among the relocation stakeholders
  • Overcoming challenges in the Mobility industry
  • Looking into the past, how/why did you select the relocation industry as a career?
  • Looking past covid, when will corporate levels return? Or perhaps we need top consider, will they return?
  • While the volume of corporate relocations stalled in 2020 and that dilemma essentially continues, the category called “self-motivated moves” increased significantly. Brokers  benefitted. Do you think these trends will continue due to both the employees and the companies re-evaluating options?
  • From your perspective as a new member of WERC Board, the sole broker, what do you hope to accomplish?
  • How can/how should Relocation Directors (RD) support RMC partners?
  • How can/how should RMC’s support their partners…RD and the Real Estate Broker?
  • What should RDs be doing today to ensure making contributions to their brokerage, now and “tomorrow”?
  • Biggest challenges RDs face today? How can we address those challenges?
  • What changes would you like to see in our industry?
  • What is your best advice for people just entering the “talent mobility” industry?

Teresa Howe SCRP, SGMS

Coaches and consults with the Relocation, Mobility and Real Estate industry to help companies generate more revenue, get more customers and create loyal fans.

TRH Consulting 949.500.4927

  • Los Angeles Metro

Teresa will lead on…Profile photo of Teresa (Rutledge) Howe, SCRP, SGMS

  • Define TRH Consulting.
  • Why a need for your services?
  • Changes in the real estate market: OpenDoor, Redfin, Zillow, Orchard, Homie … mixing-in an already competitive market?
  • Brokers: What’s needed to continue to compete?
  • How can the corporate client and relocation suppliers work better together in order to make the overall consumer experience better, and, more “successful” for everyone involved?
  • Post-Covid, what will “relocation” looks like?


Suburban Migration

Following the trends of remote work and homebuyers looking for affordability, suburbs stand to benefit. Workers are departing expensive urban core markets and seeking affordable homes in less expensive settings, often suburbs of larger and mid-sized cities. Small cities and towns will continue to draw new residents with incentives and programs. As workers migrate further into the suburbs, employers are likely to follow, further increasing home prices in certain areas based on incoming demand. Housing demand and price appreciation are likely to rise at strong paces in most metropolitan areas with a few notable exceptions (Detroit, New York City).

Leveraging Technology

Technology in the 2021 real estate space will continue to leverage virtual platforms. From virtual tours to virtually staging a home, technology has changed the real estate experience. Both Buyers and Sellers benefit from technologies that enhance the presentation of homes as well as the ease and speed of transactions.